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Jade power bracelet

What is Sigrid’s Lair?

The Sigrid’s Lair brand is now trademarked for witchy and viking jewellery and clothing, and 2022 sees the launch of jewellery arm of the brand. The clothing brand is in the pipeline and will be launched in due course.

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Did you know? Sigrid’s Lair jewellery brand is that:
1) Doesn’t order from China. That means no Aliexpress earrings or cheap as chips ready made fakes that will make your ears bleed.
2) Ensures all earhooks are either hallmarked sterling silver (925) or hallmarked 9ct gold (325).
3) Ensures all are handmade in Crawley under a registered trade mark.
4) Also works with fine silver.

As part of this, we’re opening up ‘Jewellery by Sigrid’s Lair’ to other businesses, sole traders and brand ambassadors who want to stock the Sigrid’s Lair brand in their shop found at

What can we offer you?

  1. A generous 20% discount on our advertised RRP prices, inclusive of VAT. This doesn’t mean you have to sell at our prices as it is just a benchmark of the value of the item, the costs that have gone into creating it, and what similar items cost elsewhere. You are free to sell these items at a price of your choosing in order to maximise your profits.
  2. Official Sigrid’s Lair Stockist status. We regularly check for fake and fraudulent items on the internet, ensuring that the brand is protected so that wholesale customers can enjoy official stockist status. This maximises your profit opportunity, as it limits product availability to official stockists.
  3.  High quality. All earrings are 925 sterling silver and made from genuine crystals. All power bracelets and crystal chip bracelets are made from genuine crystals. Information on the geological and metaphysical properties will be provided for you to inform your customers appropriately. We also create items in 999 pure silver. These items will be restriced to pendants and earring charms, and could be attached to 925 sterling silver findings to give additional strength. 999 silver is quite soft, so jump rings and hooks of 925 sterling silver provide excellent quality and robustness for longevity in wear and tear. Full information will be available before you buy.
  4. Unique jewellery items. Each item is handmade, and no two items are the same. These items are not made in large batches, or made in a factory, so your selection of items will be individual. This means that each crystal is hand chosen and each piece of silver is carefully wired or fired. Popular items may be reproduced, but won’t be identical.
  5. Jewellery pieces are ethically handmade here in the UK, paying staff more than the national living wage. We pay for expertise and craftmanship, and want to pass on British made products to your customers. We do not pay minimum wage.

What are the terms?

In the first instance, you will need to apply for an account. We will check that you are a match for the brand before approving your account. This involves looking at your sales and the type of products you already stock.

You can sell on platforms such as Etsy, Amazon, your own website, a market stall or in your own shop. The options are limitless. We are open to online traders as well as market traders, craft stall traders and shops.

This is open to UK traders only at the moment, however you can sell anywhere in the world. You may get declined if you are selling in the same area as another seller, but there are no other limitations as to where you can sell, as long as you sell from the UK.

There is a minimum order of £100 per order, inclusive of VAT, and tracked shipping will be added on. This must be paid prior to dispatch.

What do we need to know?

When you apply for an account, we will need to see the following:

  1. Your URL links to where you sell. If you sell on multiple platforms please send these links.
  2. Your business trading name.
  3. Your name, email address and phone number.
  4. Where you are based.
  5. If you trade face to face, where is this? E.g. shop, market, craft fairs, and which towns.
  6. Companies house and/or VAT number if applicable.
  7. How long you have been trading.

We may ask you for more information prior to approval.

Just send your application to

How do we purchase?

Once you have been approved for an account, all you need to do is choose what you want to purchase from the ‘Jewellery by Sigrid’s Lair’ section on the website, and make sure it meets the minimum order requirements. Quantities available are displayed. Please click HERE to see what is available.

Just drop us an email or give us a call (phone numbers will be provided once you have been approved for an account) with what you want to purchase. We will contact you with regards to payment, where we will send you a secure URL link to a 3D Secure credit and debit card payment gateway.

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